The Protocol Red Book™
- 35th Anniversary Edition

The Complete Expanded and Updated Handbook
of Diplomatic, Official, and Social Usage.

Written by Richard M. Sand, Pauline Innis and Mary Jane McCaffree.




The Protocol Red Book™: 35th Anniversary Edition

The term "protocol" comes from the Greek words meaning "the first glue," and indeed, it may be said that protocol is the glue which holds official life in our society together. Whether on the local, state, national or international level, proper protocol is vital in assuring that relations between the officials of organizations and governments are conducted with minimum friction and maximum efficiency.

In this comprehensive guide to proper diplomatic, official and social usage, the authors define and describe the forms and procedures that constitute good protocol. They provide information on the order of precedence, ranking officials at every level from the President of the United States on down, on titles and forms of address to be used in written and oral communications, on calling cards, invitations and replies, official entertaining and private parties, table seating arrangements, flag etiquette, and much more. Also, this expanded, updated and indexed edition contains new chapters on military protocol, international business, diversity and gifting.

There is a fascinating section on the historical background of modern protocol, and an appendix filled with valuable information on dealing with the press, wearing decorations, proper dress, and diplomatic terms.

The Protocol Red Book™ is used at the White House and the State Department. Multi-national corporations, government circles, Embassies and public relations offices consider The Protocol Red Book™ their authoritative and definitive source of Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage.

Richard M. Sand, Esquire is an award winning novelist, practicing attorney and political consultant. He is the co-author of 25th Edition and providing protocol education for more than a decade.

Mary Jane McCaffree served at the White House as Social Secretary and as Press and Personal Secretary. She also served as a Protocol Specialist in the Office of the Chief of Protocol, and was Personal Secretary to First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. She was the wife of Harry Monroe, Jr., of Washington, D.C.

Pauline Innis, was president of various national and international organizations and was the wife of a Navy Admiral, has had much experience in social and official life. Pauline Innis and Mary Jane authored and introduced the first edition of The Protocol Red Book™ The Complete Handbook in 1977.