The Protocol Red Book™
- 35th Anniversary Edition

The Complete Expanded and Updated Handbook
of Diplomatic, Official, and Social Usage.

Written by Richard M. Sand, Pauline Innis and Mary Jane McCaffree.




"The book contains a wealth of detail on every conceivable question, from titles and forms of address to ceremonies and flag etiquette."

- Department of State Newsletter

"Comprehensive guide to proper diplomatic, official and social usage, the book includes a history of protocol in America."

- New York Times

"Invaluable for event planning."

This book is an invaluable resource for planning events big or small. A guide for etiquette, invitations, seating and the like. I found the flag chapter to be very helpful and informative. The information was comprehensive and the format, with tables, index and charts very useful.

- Kathie Daley

"A reference on social usage not to be without."

Richard Sand's 'Protocol' is a must-have reference book for any professional responsible for the planning and execution of high profile social events involving government officials, military personnel and/or corporate executives. As the director of marketing for a large Philadelphia law firm, I found 'Protocol' to be a practical and relevant resource. I wouldn't be without it.

- Andrea Buechner

"A 'Must Have' for anyone who works in the public, travels or entertains."

The newest edition of Protocol is a comprehensive guide that covers all procedures for entertaining, hosting events and social functions. If you are a global traveler it includes current information and the proper etiquette you will need to know. Whether you are a world traveler, in business or work in a public institution, the updated information in Protocol includes not only how to dress for events, but how to maintain diplomacy from your "invitations" to your "thank you" protocols. This handbook includes a very informative Netiquette section and valuable resource directories. Obviously these authors are the experts in diplomacy, this book includes all the information and details you will need to conduct good business today.

- Stephen Sciscione